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"I assumed my first time experiencing a power dynamic with Heidi would be just an experiment. Not only has our time together been much more than an experiment, it’s reached a point where there was life before Heidi (B.H.) and there’s life after Heidi (A.H.). From the very first session it’s obvious she genuinely enjoys BDSM, respects me, my goals and my safety abiding by R.A.C.K.. Even before we entered long term training I noticed the time and care put into the planning of our time together. She truly loves Domination. One year since entering long term training our sessions have accelerated my meditation, yoga, and esoteric practices. They have strengthened my patience and social dynamics within my vanilla life. And they have got me in tune with the union and balance of the masculine, feminine, dominant, and submissive aspects of my true will."

"I've served more than 30 mistresses over the last 10 years trying to find the perfect combination of looks, skill and attitude.  My search has ended with Mistress Heidi.  What originally drew me to Her was Her physical beauty, which is even more captivating in person than it is in Her photos. However, what has continually kept me coming back for more is Her extensive skill set and, even more importantly, Her natural dominant presence.  While She is more than capable of doing a playful session, where She truly excels is as a strict, no-nonsense disciplinarian.  Understanding Her natural power, She remains calm, cool and collected while effortlessly exercising complete control over me. Though a force to be reckoned with during the session, She is professional and approachable in our brief time before and after the session. While I've had many fantastic sessions with other mistresses over the years, for me Mistress Heidi is the one who best brings my fantasies to life." - slave b


"Mistress Heidi Darveaux is a redeemer, healer, enforcer, and omniscient destroyer of d-ck-swinging bravado. She placed me, a docile mortal and untested masochist, under Her enveloping bat wing a little over a year ago as a first-time submissive trainee and I haven’t looked back. As someone that experiences routine bouts of spiraling anxiety and crushing self-loathing due to past trauma, I have received a great deal of relief by plunging into the kinky abyss whilst underneath Mistress Heidi’s firm, guiding boots. Her continued generosity as both dominatrix and shamanatrix has given me the emotional wherewithal to reclaim my self-worth through the confidence-building, shame-shattering beauty of power dynamics. By surrendering myself to Her yin and yang of pain and pleasure within a restorative BDSM framework, She has been instrumental in my recovery from the anguish of yesterday and my hope in tomorrow. It’s tough to adequately describe my gratitude for Her immeasurable empathy, authoritativeness, perceptiveness, and cutting wit as a pro-domme. She is everything and then some. If you’re lucky enough to serve Her as a long-term slave, don’t take it for granted. She is a titan of perversion. The Princess of Darkness. The Sorceress Supreme. The Netherworld Aphrodite. With doom and gloom, henry c."

"I wanted to let you know that my experience with you was one of the most memorable and enjoyable of my life. It wasn’t just your physical beauty that entranced me, but you had an aura about you that I’m still mesmerized by. Your ability to be dominant while still exuding positive energy captivates me. I was left with an indescribable feeling that took a while to settle in. It felt relieving in a sense. I am forever grateful to you for that, and will always be thankful to you for being the one who introduced me to this world, and let me explore while not being ashamed of myself. I did see too that you have some amazing artwork, apart from the artist you are as a dominatrix. I wish you the best on your journey, and am glad I was able to meet you in my lifetime. Thank you."

‘"Miss Heidi Darveaux.'  I love the sound of her name. It sounds so beautiful. So elegant.. So sophisticated. The best part about it is that she is all of that and more for those who appreciate a woman who embodies those qualities, but who can also be thoroughly domineering and has a sadistic streak. I am one of those lucky ones and I am most grateful to have served as her plaything on more than several occasions. If you have ever fantasized about meeting a woman with supermodel looks, class, and an air of unattainability who truly enjoys dominating, humiliating, and inflicting pain on a man, you need to contact Miss Heidi Darveaux and hope she will grant you the privilege of being in her presence." -S


"I can be quite skeptical pertaining to discoveries on the internet, yet I was so drawn to Mistress Heidi's photos I applied for a session. I am happy to say that I found her so captivating and authentic, I have now sessioned with her multiple times. At our first meeting, I was stunned to find her even more attractive in person... and this was still in street clothes. Mistress Heidi is a fetish model and even if a session with her was nothing beyond seeing her wear latex or anything else from her provocative wardrobe, it would still be an unforgettable experience...However there is so much more. I am a fetishist and Mistress Heidi has many creative ways to utilize my desires. I enjoy the flow of her sessions as they feel natural and in tune with the moment and less mechanical than my previous experiences with femdom. She has uncovered fetishes I haven't even told her about and I am likely developing a few new ones because of her. Do not underestimate her. Mistress Heidi is sharp and powerful. She will make you feel some pain if she desires. She has many methods, and the pain is real. So real, I have had a euphoric feeling throughout my body for a couple hours after each session. She senses and respects my pain limits but also pushes me enough to release a healthy dose of those wonderful endorphins. Combined with some artful mindf-cking, as well as her aforementioned beauty and I find myself in a cathartic state by the end of the session.It is quite therapeutic. Thank you Mistress. Below you always, sounds good to me." 


"I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to the BDSM world, and allowing me to explore my fetishes with you. I’m still processing my experience with you. I’m enchanted by your beauty, intelligence, and personality. I consider myself very lucky to have had the honor and privilege of playing with you, and believe every man should experience a professional domme session at least once in their life. Thanks for your kindness and teachings. You’ve profoundly effected me, and I learned much from the knowledge you shared. I appreciate your courtesy for making these sessions so great, as well as helping me open up and express myself more, and as cliche as it sounds, I wish only the best for you. Thanks again."

"Mistress Heidi, I'm finding it really difficult to adequately describe how wonderful it was to serve you. In short, it was the best session I've ever had. I think what really made it so perfect is that you're a truly intuitive player. You were able to read me and my reactions, and then push my boundaries ever so gently yet delightfully. You got to know my interests and crafted a session that exceeded my wildest expectations. I'll never forget the feeling of being caught rummaging through the clothes hamper. I'll long remember your indignation at finding me in such a compromising position....your icy stare, sharp tongue, and stinging slaps to my face. Being collared and blindfolded put me quickly into deep subspace as you led me around the dungeon. The mixture of humiliation, pain, teasing, predicament bondage and everything else that followed was utterly delightful and went beyond what I could have imagined. I cannot thank you enough. -Your pf sissy"


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