MAY, 2021


I am often asked by aspiring submissives, “how can I be of service?” and in order to be honest with myself and others about what true service means to me at this time, I wrote the following response:


About 3 years ago, I began to develop health issues and body dysfunction. after trying to address these myself it became clear that these were related to some larger issues that needed professional medical attention. Over the years I have been given false diagnosis multiple times and due to this I have yet to get to begin proper treatment. 


At this point, years later, I am exhausted and keeping up with 3-8 medical/healthcare appointments a week has affected my ability to dedicate time and energy to anything besides getting to my appointments and healing. As some of these issues are structural and some are related to my ability to process nutrition, my digestion and reproductive health this has left me in a consistent place of physical discomfort and pain. At times, the structural issues will sometimes impair my mobility, which with an extremely small support system and the pandemic makes getting help when I need it even more difficult. 

This has made things doubly isolating for me. It has affected my mental health and aggravated my hyper-sensitivities to internal and external stimuli and stress, which in turn, aggravates my physical symptoms. These sensitivities are what make me so apt at working with those in a BDSM context so I try to honor them with the space necessary for them to stay active and a part of me.


I managed to push through this past year of the pandemic and created some fëtish video work that I am extremely proud of. To be honest, I think that is what has kept me sane and focused on a positive goal and outcome. I was able to keep myself distracted enough as to not dwell or worry as much about the “what-ifs”. Creating has become part of my life-force, my connection to the unseen and has a way to honor my own trauma-informed healing journey. The cost to continue to push forward with my care has taken priority so I have put off upgrading my editing equipment and hardware as long as possible. At this point I have exhausted my resources and my decade-old equipment is no longer functioning. Additionally, an adjustable desk and chair with proper support is physically necessary to encourage proper healing.


Again, I have to be honest with myself about how much I am able to hold space for others when simple day-to-day healthy functioning has to be top priority and takes up most of the energy I have. I have not been able to make myself available for others in an BDSM context which in turn has affected my livelihood. As I am now often left with the decision of which appointments I can afford each week, financial servitude and service is quite literally a means for me to heal and I am offering options below.


At this time I am looking for those who are interested in helping me get back to optimal wellness over their personal desires and interests. Ideally, this IS your desire and interest. To be clear, the purpose of adopting an expense is an act of service for those who yearn for the privilege to help make my life and existence less stressful during this time. This is also available to those who do not have a BDSM mindset or an interest in servitude but who are inclined to offer assistance and are in a position to do so. 


Additionally, choosing a support tier via PATREON is another way to offer monthly support.


One final note:


My experience dealing with this country’s medical care system alone has been one of the most trying things about this. Navigating this without consistent familial support (both emotionally and financially), takes a toll on the spirit that is hard to describe unless you have experienced it yourself. And I say this as a femme presenting, white, cis-woman. More often than not, gender, identity and background make this an even more dehumanizing experience for some and it means many are dismissed from receiving care altogether. My hope is that once I am diagnosed, treated and able to fully support myself again, I will be able to start a mutual aid fund, support group or resource program for chronically ill SWers and those BIPOC individuals who identify as LGBTQI+. I have yet to work out details on this but this is essential for our human community and I hope to bring this to fruition when I am able. This is something I have been thinking on for some time and I am sharing this solely to keep me accountable and put out a calling card to others who are interested in creating something along those lines. 


Thank you for reading and your support, in whatever form that takes,



Mistress Hx


if you have interest in sponsoring any of the following monthly or as a one-off you may fill out any of the inquiry forms on my FAQ page with “sponsor an expense” in the subject or message.





Physical Therapy $480

Chiropractic Care $400 

Alternative Therapies $380



Rent $1550

Credit Card Debt Payments $500

Nutritional Care $520



Computer & External Hard-Drive $2000

Editing Software Yearly Subscription $360

Height Adjustable Desk $400    SPONSORED! thank you J

Adjustable Ergonomic Desk Chair $200    SPONSORED! thank you J