The protocol below is a guide to help acclimate you to My style of communication and connection. This is a dynamic which will revolve around My interests and desires and this is a way to help attune you with My expectations.



1. I respond to “Mistress”, “Diosa” or “Daddy” (note capitalization). Not “Goddess” not “Heidi”. Addressing Me this way is to be observed at all times and in all communication. Expect that you may be corrected and disciplined until your correspondence is at My standards. I expect a “Yes, Mistress” confirmation to every direction whether text, email or in-person. I am a Dominatrix, not a friend, partner or romantic conquest and casualness in correspondence from My submissives is a turn-off.

2. If you contacted Me, wait until I respond before you reach out again. Multiple messages from one person in my inbox tells Me you are impatient and expect this dynamic to revolve around you and your desires, which is of no interest to Me. If more than 2 days have passed and it is a time sensitive situation then a polite follow-up message is appropriate. Otherwise patience is a virtue, one email/message at a time. 

3. Keep the same email thread when emailing Me, this aids in the training process and keeps My inbox tidy. 

4. Follow instructions to the T. If My directions are not followed I have various means of punishment and levels of correction - corporal punishment, tasks, financial fines and wishlist purchases are all within My arsenal. By choosing to contact Me you understand that all of these can and will be used for training. 


5. Same day requests are not an option. Ever. At minimum 2 days notice is required to accommodate. That being said, I usually set My schedule a week in advance so be prepared to wait to see Me for the first time. To guarantee connecting with Me, I recommend giving as much notice as possible to accommodate My vetting process. Keep in mind that I keep an extremely strict schedule to maintain My health and wellness. My time and energy are extremely precious to Me and I cap the number of hours I am available each week. Be considerate of this when reaching out to schedule with Me. 

6. My preferred time frame to play is between the hours of 12pm and 7pm Thursday - Sat PT. If you make requests outside of My preferred playtimes expect that there may be an increase in tribute to accommodate your schedule over Mine.

7. Canceling/rescheduling a confirmed session outside a 24 hour window means you forfeit your deposit. If your rescheduling request falls within a minimum of 24 hours notice, I will honor your deposit for up to 30 days. No exceptions. 


8. Tribute is non-negotiable & deposit is mandatory. Once you receive tribute details and instructions, send no later than 24 hours before our scheduled time. If I do not receive it I assume you are forfeiting your place in My schedule. 

9. My tributes are minimums, use them as a guide to show your appreciation and gratitude.

10. Tribute is receivable via Paypal, Venmo & Cashapp. Cash is preferred for in-person training.



11. Requests for nail polish and hair removal requests are honored with additional tribute. Otherwise I come in My preferred state: dressed to the nines, in latex or leather, and groomed to My preferences at the time. 

12. Day of session make sure you are well rested, hydrated and have eaten no longer than 1 hour from our appointed time.


13. Be clean. Very clean. This means head to toe shower. NO COLOGNE/PERFUME. 

14. Be on time. If you arrive early you will have to wait until your appointed time starts. Do not message Me before your appointed time to let Me know you have arrived. I will tell you to wait. 


15. Do not show up intoxicated. My senses are extremely keen and I will be able to tell. I do not session with those under the influence.

16. Text or call Me when you are a few minutes away and will click the gate open for you. There is private gated parking available. 

17. The space I session in is quite large and spacious. There are usually other sessions happening whether you see or hear them. Keep your voice down when entering and leaving the space. This is essential for  privacy and discretion.


18. Once you enter the space I will direct you to the bathroom to wash your hands. This is an important cleansing ritual.  

19. I always set time aside to touch base and discuss any concerns beforehand. If it is our first time connecting this will be an depth conversation. Be honest. If there is anything you feel the need to go over beforehand, discuss it. For both of our safeties, I do not renegotiate once play begins, if that is necessary then the scene will be stopped to discuss. I offer a shame-free space. As long as you are polite and respectful I welcome anything you wish to share or discuss with Me. 

20. I set the terms of our dynamic and how and W/we communicate based on my preferences and what I believe will serve us both best in terms of your training. The rules and parameters can and will be changed and adjusted as needed based on what I believe is best. These changes are always discussed beforehand. Consent is paramount.


  • Honest communication

  • Respect and consideration

  • Follow rules, directions and protocol directly and efficiently 

  • Ready to do any necessary internal work for the betterment of oneself as a human and submissive 



  • Honest communication

  • Respect and consideration

  • Enforcement of rules, protocols and boundaries

  • My time, attention, skillset and expertise for our designated time together



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