I started working with Polaroids in 2004. They seemed to me like a perfect meditation on the passage of time, film processing and nostalgia. Instant film is a precious object, much like a photographic film negative. They are the only tangible remnant from a moment which is passed and gone and unlike film negatives, are not possible to be reproduced authentically. Therefore these are inherently limited editions.


The images above are for reference only. They were created with an individual and an eroticized intention in mind. These sets are created per order and for the patron specifically. I aim to make the process in which these images are created interactive tools to connect for personal growth, both for myself and the patron alike. 




unframed 3.5" x 4.25" instant film

signed, HDVX stamped and dated on back border for authenticity






3 triptych $300


5 pentaptych $400


8 full set $500







Allow two weeks for shipping.  Use the contact form HERE to inquire for international shipping rates and  Polaroid related questions. Other inquiries will be ignored. 


I reserved the right to make digital copies of all work for my archive. No part may be reproduced replicated or sold. I own the rights to imagery you own the object and the original. No returns or refunds. You agree to enable a creative endeavor no matter what the visual outcome.



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