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Make sure you have read through My protocol page - HERE - before submitting your application. 


I would recommend reviewing My protocol page a few times throughout our initial correspondence so that you are familiar with My preferences. The information requested is for the benefit and safety of all participating parties. All sections are there for a reason, so do not leave anything blank. I do not respond to applications that have been rushed, partially or improperly filled out. 

To apply, copy and paste the form below into your email, fill out and send to:

Keep in mind I only respond to thoughtful and sincere applications that have been filled out completely. If you leave any parts blank, rush through or leave minimal information you will not receive a response. 

Hello, Mistress.


1. my name/alias is:


2. my email is:


3. i am a:


( ) submissive

( ) masochist

( ) fëtishist

( ) other/not sure


4. my BDSM experience is:


( ) none

( ) novice

( ) moderately experienced

( ) seasoned


5. REFERENCES (choose one):


( ) i am a novice and have not served anyone previously so i do not have references. i understand that means i have the option to begin distance training with You.


( ) i have experience serving other Dommes or providers but cannot provide a reference. i understand that means i have the option to being distance training with You.


( ) i have served other Mistresses/providers in the past, here are their websites and/or social media handles:


i contacted them using the same email address i am using OR i used the following email or phone number to converse with them:


6. i am available to connect on these days and times:

day/s - 

time frame/s -

7. my pain tolerance is:


( ) light

( ) medium

( ) heavy

( ) not sure

( ) i don’t like pain.


8. i can leave with marks if:


( ) they last a few hours

( ) they last a few days

( ) destroy me, Mistress!

( ) i cannot leave with marks.


9. i have sensitivties to scents/incense.:

( ) yes

( ) no


10. my limits are:


11. i am on this medication/s:


12. i have these medical conditions/allergies/health issues:


13. my aftercare needs are:


14. Mistress, i found you via:

( ) Twitter

( ) Niteflirt

( ) Sextpanther

( ) Instagram 

( ) other 


15. Option to participate in HAILHEIDI fëtish and video creations as a submissive:


( ) If my face and identity are hidden, yes Mistress!

( ) No thank you, Mistress.

( ) Make me a star, Mistress!


16. Yes, i understand there are no sëxual services offered:


( ) yes!

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